How Sewing has helped me to manage chronic illness


I have loved the process of creating all my life.  My mom is a seamstress and when she would sew I would sit beside her for hours watching her sew.  I would ask her about the different pieces and she would tell me how they fit together.  I think she asked me once if I would rather go outside and play, but I declined.  I loved how the pieces went together.  I loved the thrum of the sewing machine.  I loved the feel of the fabric running over the pads of my fingers.  I loved everything about it.  We did not have the internet when I was learning how to sew.  I had to learn from my mom and from reading the pattern, which I never was any good at because I just didn't think what they were saying made any sense. 


About 13 years ago we moved into our current home.  I had the privilege of meeting some amazing quilters. They taught me all about Fat Quarters and Fat eighths and who Allison Glass is and Tula Pink and so many more.  Aaand, I started making quilts.  This came at the exact moment in time that I needed it.  I found reading the instructions to be soothing and it helped me to concentrate.  I also found out, after going to many specialists and suffering through many different symptoms, that I have Fibromyalgia.   It has been a very debilitating disease.  I feel like so many things are being taken away from me.  I wandered around in a fog too sick to do anything and unable to make sense of my situation.  I finally decided that I would take a few minutes and work on a quilt.  I could sew a few pieces together and it wouldn't exhaust me too much.  I also had the amazing benefit of finishing something.  Something beautiful.  I found that it was easier to focus on cutting and sewing small pieces of fabric into an amazing design than focusing on all of the things I couldn't do.  

Now, at the present day, I am still making my journey through this maze of a disease and I am using creativity to help my brain to grow.  I have learned that pain actually affects the brain and how it functions.  I have found research linking reading and talking to people to effective pain management.  So, that is why I am here, writing this blog post even though I am definitely an introvert and do not love sharing things about myself and getting vulnerable on a large scale.  I am trying in my own way to live.  Not just survive, but to have quality of life. 

I am super happy you have made your way to my little corner of the world where we are focusing on the creative things in life.  If there are things you want to know or learn let me know!

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