Making My Bliss

When a storm system moves through my area I can feel it pounding away at my bones. My whole body starts to ache and hurt. So, I try to have little projects I can work on when I am half asleep and my brain is foggy with pain.
Last nights little project was to tape together patterns. They are simple enough to keep my brain thinking on something other than the pain and difficult enough to keep my mind challenged.
I hobbled around my walking route hanging onto my husbands arm to keep me upright and then I went back to bed. I woke up and felt much better. I decided to make me some pajama pants that are way too cute to just wear to bed and a top that fits the same description.
By the time I was done I was feeling the pain of the night before returning and I looked at the time and it wasn’t that it was coming back it was that I just got to realize it never really left. As I was making my super cute and comfy outfit I was in heaven. I was experiencing my bliss. Time stopped everything stood still except for me and my project.

I love being in that creative space. My goal is to be in that space once a day if not more. It sets me up to have an even better day when I am fulfilling what I was meant to do.
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